Most of the homes in Southern Maryland (Charles County, St. Mary's County, and Calvert County) use private well water. No monthly water bill is one advantage, but contaminated water is one of the disadvantages. 


Home buyers should obtain a thorough water inspection when buying a home on well water. VA and FHA loans require water from a private well to pass a water test conducted by a local health authority or independent third party. Using conventional loans or cash, you should also have the water tested. These tests usually include Total Coliform, E. coli, Iron, Lead, pH, Turbidity, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Total Nitrate/Nitrite.  


The home inspector collects the water from the property you are buying and sends the sample to your local testing lab. The results from the lab take approximately 3-5 days after the inspection. If the lab report reveals contaminations, ask the seller to have the well professionally treated and retested. 


I highly recommend installing a water filtration system as soon as you buy the house. Campbell Plumbing in Port Republic Maryland is one of the many plumbers you can hire to install a treatment system. I installed a water filter and a UV Water disinfectant system in my home. It's easy to maintain and provide peace of mind, knowing my family is consuming healthy water. 


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Side note: When buying a home with a well and septic system, your realtor should advise you to request a 10-14 days inspection contingency / due diligence contingency.